By making your reservation, you agree that you have read our REQUIREMENTS and website in its entirety and agree to comply with them. Please pay special attention if your dog is being dropped off in Maine. Their state laws vary a bit from other states. This applies to all dogs being dropped off in Maine, regardless if they will reside in Maine.

All reservations must be made by noon on Thursday before transport. This will ensure that we have enough time to get the appropriate paperwork together.

Please click the link listed below to make your reservation. If you see “FULL” next to the date, it means that we are full for that particular week. Please email us and we can let you know if we have a cancelation as we often do.

The rescue contact person will receive an email confirmation automatically. Please forward this confirmation to any necessary parties. If you do not receive confirmation or need to make corrections, please email us at


We want all of our passengers to be comfortable during transport. You will be able to choose the crate size on the reservation form. If the size that you need is not listed, its means we don’t have that size available or they are all reserved. Please select the next size up. We can certainly put a Chihuahua in a 70 pound crate, but obviously cannot put a 70 pound dog in a Chihuahua crate. We have also listed below the height of the crates that we currently have available. Please check the height of the dog as well. Just because a dog is less than 70 pounds, does not necessarily mean that they will fit in a 70 pound crate comfortably. We realize that this is a little extra work, but this is not only for the dogs comfort, this is a USDA requirement that the dog must be able to stand up in the crate.

Intermediate- 30-50 lbs-Height-21.5 inches

Large- 50-70 lbs-Height-27 inches

Extra Large 70-90 lbs-Height-30 inches

Click the link below to make a reservation.

Reservation Form